Mission: - Lovin Self is to encourage hearts and minds of the true meaning and essence of Lovin Self, and how it impacts ones live in a positive, uplifting and enriched way.

Vision: - Lovin Self wants to help you put forth good energy, so that you will receive good energy back. When you give happy, you get happy; you give ugliness, you get stressed. 

Values: Lovin Self key ingredient to loving others starts at the core, with roots in lovin SELF first. If you don't even like SELF, it is most likely you dislike others, can't forgive, or have a problem with people on general prinicple. Love is at the root of all happiness, joyous moments, and well-liked individuals.

Hate, on the other hand, always brings out conflict, toxic behavior, unpleasantness, and stress. Happy people get stressed, too, but it is how you react or respond to stress that affects your stress levels positively or negatively. For instance, a stressful home environment is not a good place for kids because they learn what they live. However, if you smile often and openly face your challenges with strength and grace in front of your kids, it's effectuating and the happiness will eventually take over. Stressful friends and relationships can tear you down to being nearly broken, leaving you feeling spent and hopeless. From these folks, you should run! Quick, fast, and in a hurry!! ;0)
Seriously, life is challenging at times. And, based on the choices we make, when we embrace ownership of those choices, this can be the first step toward healing SELF. Accountability is something that most people never learn. Nevertheless, it is a vital, responsible action to achieve true greatness in life—especially peace of mind. Generally, happy people want to stay in a great mood because it does the body good—unlike stress or hatefulness, which can destroy the body, mind, and spirit. Yikes!!

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